Financial sector

Financial sector has experienced massive transformation that has been unpredictably fueled by technology and the changing consumer preferences. This has necessitated the adoption of continual strategy re-evaluation, venturing into new spaces as well as expanding the capital base.

Finaltus has performed various assignments in relation to the ever-dynamic finance environment, of which some have included;

  • Offering advisory services to several microfinance, deposit-taking and non-depositing institutions on various strategic aspects.
  • Conducting a feasibility study on the establishment of a shariah compliant bank in the horn of Africa.
  • Preparing a financial model for the establishment of a commercial bank in Kenya.
  • Lead transaction advisor in sale of mortgage book from a financial institution.
  • Structured investment vehicles that included units operating in multiple countries.

Agribusiness Sector

Agribusiness is gaining prominence on the continent due to some of the emerging trends such as the need to feed bulging population, increased adoption of economic diversification in various countries as well as rising adoption of technology on the sector.

Finaltus has engaged Development Financial Institutions (DFIs), government bodies, corporates as well as Small Medium enterprises (SMEs) in ensuring that they are on top of the trend and make informed decisions in regards to the sector.

Some of the assignments we have handled are;

  • Transaction advisory for an African country- Agricultural Transformation Initiative, our role being to help in unlocking capital for agricultural and economic diversification.
  • Transaction advisory for a dairy processing plant in its capital raising process.
  • Buy side advisor on acquisition and consolidation of dairy entities across Africa.
  • Performed transaction advisory and capital raising for an agribusiness fund manager.
  • Valuation of an agribusiness technology platform.

Real Estate & Construction Sector

Being one of the world’s most fast-growing industries, real estate contributes significantly to global gross domestic product while additionally being the bedrock of urbanization. This is a sector that has deepened in the adoption and realigning to drivers such as technology, demographics and environmental issues. In our opinion, staying ahead of the curve is paramount as disruption in various fronts of real estate will occur as a result of technology.

Finaltus is in the real estate and construction space and is keen in providing its clients and investors highly updated and customized services in that field, below are some of the key experiences:

  • Transaction advisor on debt funding of a Real Estate Development Company.
  • Prepared expert report for a dispute resolution mechanism relating to a stalled development project as well as another relating to a distressed joint venture.
  • Offered business valuation to one of the largest shopping malls in Africa

Education Sector

The future scenarios of the political, social, cultural and economic sectors will depend on the learners of today. More than ever, education should be visionary and future- oriented while aligned with scientific and technological innovations and changes.

In rethinking education to touch upon speedy changes at the edge of the 21st century, innovation technology and analysis are indispensable tools of education.

Some of the key assignments that Finaltus has engaged in the education sector are:

  • Conducted business valuation services for an e-learning company for acquisition by a Chartered University.
  • Transaction advisor of Acquisition of Various Academic institutions, operating diverse education Systems.
  • Offering financial Modelling services for establishment of a Pan African institute offering Master’s Program and trainings in Trade Finance. The program under the institute will cover multiple countries in East, central and Southern Africa.
  • Offered advisory services to an African national government on Business viability of establishment of National Physical Science Laboratories. The Laboratories included Nanoscience, Mineralogy, Material Science, computational and Theoretical Laboratories.

Technology Sector

Technology has increased its prominence on the planet’s mechanical phenomenon, citizens’ social well-being, resource allocation and financial gain and distribution. This has had massive impact for businesses, governments, and the labour market.

The tremendous edges accessible through technology for each business and society however, has introduced major queries around safety, privacy, property and trust.

In the technology space, Finaltus have handled some assignments such as;

  • Financial modelling and business valuation services for a firm seeking to establish a platform powered by block-chain technology.
  • Business valuation and financial modelling services for ecommerce software firm (SAAS)
  • Transaction advisory and capital raising services for an e-learning platform (digital learning platform) that has enabled learning to continue despite the global Covid- 19 pandemic.
  • Intellectual Property Valuation for a patent that covers Africa and registered under ARIPO.

Energy Sector

Energy constitutes the driving force of civilization and determines an exceedingly high degree of the amount of economy development.

Access to cost-effective essential services forms a strong basis for development as energy fuels most of those services. To achieve providence for supply of energy efficient services to across generations, the system itself needs to be sustainable. The effects of this impact and interaction need to even be cautiously and sustainably managed by the industry experts.

The pressure on natural resources is inescapable if fuel demand reduced. Despite the rise of use of various kind of energy notably renewable energy sources, fossil fuels continue to dominate the energy sector.

In the energy Space, amongst others, Finaltus has been involved in;

  • Transaction advisor in transactions relating to renewable energy in solar, hydro and waste.

Health & Hospitality sector

Within the context of providing prime quality clinical outcomes, managers are operating within parameters that focus on improving worker retention while satisfying customers and stakeholders. The sector has also a substantial capital outlay in set up and maintenance of existing structures.

Finaltus has been a key partner in ensuring the client’s and investors in the health and hospitality sector achieve their objectives. Some of the experiences in this sector are as follows:

  • Conducting feasibility study and due diligence on the establishment of a specialized hospital in and outpatient health facilities in Kenya.
  • Sell side transaction advisor on sale of a hospitality outlet in Kenya
  • Appointed a transaction advisor on setting up a multi country pharmaceutical distribution platform